Unsecured Line Of Credit

How is an unsecured line of credit different to a term loan? A line of credit is not a term loan, you only pay for what you use.
We get you an approval for a facility amount – as a guide this is normally 1 – 1.5 times your monthly turnover.  You then have access to a portal in which you can draw funds or pay suppliers as needed. Use your revolving line of credit to renegotiate terms of trade with suppliers. Get discounts for upfront payments and/or change suppliers from local to interstate or overseas suppliers and increase margins. An unsecured line of credit can enable every business to take control of their cash flow and set themselves up for success.

Example Case Study


Arnold has a contracting business and provides goods and services to a number of customers. Whilst his customers pay in 30/40 days, a number of his suppliers are cash or seven day accounts only. Arnold knew he could grow his business, however cashflow was an issue and his bank was unresponsive. 


Arnold uses and Line of Credit Facility, to pay his suppliers. He has been able to renegotiate his trade terms with two of his suppliers that he has a 30 day account with. One supplier offers him 5% and the other 10% discount for payment on invoice. His supplier is paid direct and Arnold then has 4 to 6 months to repay the loan over equal instaments

Arnold is Happy!

The benefit to Arnold is the profit generated by the additional business more than offsets the costs of the borrowing - especially where he is able to get a disscount for upfront payment!


Do I need to provide all my financials to get a Line of Credit or Trade Facility?

Do I need to provide all my financials to get a Line of Credit or Trade Facility? 

No – most Lenders will give you up to $100k facility with just bank statements 


How much can I get with a Line of Credit?

How much can I get with a Line of Credit?  

As a general rule of thumb is one times monthly turnover. Some Lenders have discretion 

and will offer up to 1.5 times.  

I don’t know my credit score – is that OK?

How much can I get with a Line of Credit?  

A credit check will be run once the bank statements are analysed. As long as you 

have no defaults or very bad credit history your score should be OK for majority of 

Lenders. Always be upfront with us about your Credit History so we can help in the 

most effective way. 

How do I repay the Lender?

How do I repay the Lender? 

Repayments are via direct debit. This is set up on application. Repayments are 

usually monthly, but some will offer weekly repayments. 

Do I have to reapply after 12 months?

Do I have to reapply after 12 months? 

Usually a Line of Credit has a 12 month minimum term and just rolls over after that. 

Some are evergreen and remain with the business as long as they require it. 

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