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Debtor Funding

Debtor Funding has a bad reputation but has changed dramatically in the past few years. It is an ideal facility for companies that provide goods or services and have a payment cycle of 30-60 days. 
You can get an advance on monies owed to you, which provides working capital to your business when needed, in a very cost-effective manner.   For Companies growing fast, it allows them to access working capital in a more flexible way.  It is also a very good option for start-up businesses.
Rates vary and depends on whether you want.
  • Ongoing facility or just a spot invoicing facility
  • Disclosed or undisclosed
  • What type of debtor concentration you need
  • What type of industry you work in
Rates can be from as little as 1.5% per month for this type of funding now.

Want a new way to fund your Debtors?

Debtor Funding is an ideal facility for companies that provide goods or services and have a payment cycle of 30days plus. They are not all the same and there is now a hybrid version available that acts more like an Overdraft or Line of Credit.

If you want a larger scale facility but want to maintain control over your working capital funding, there is a new facility available that simply uses your debtor book as security.

This is a revolving line of credit that continually calculates the limit you can borrow, against the value of your receivables. Businesses manage their own cash flow and invoice collections.  Debtors are never contacted, and new bank accounts are not required.


·  No Lock in Contracts

·  No New Bank Accounts

·  No Debtor contact

·  Full Control of Funds

·  No onerous administration

·  Will even include overseas Debtors

·  No need to repay funds every 30 days

·  Facilities available from $200k-$4m

So, if you want to spend more time growing instead of managing the admin tasks of your current provider, please get in touch.  We can provide an obligation free side by side comparison.

Case Study of Hybrid Debtor Funding Facility


XYZ Pty Ltd is a Telecommunication Company that design and install custom made digital systems for small to medium size businesses. They are looking to expand into larger size installations for Mining Companies. They have 4 main debtors with 2 of them quite sizable now. Cash Flow is becoming an issue, with wages and upfront expenses hard to meet as they are growing.


As Debtors are quite constant at around $300k per month, we were able to get them a $250k Line of Credit secured against their debtors. They can draw funds as needed and repay when they get paid or keep some funds and pay interest on the amount outstanding. They do not have to disclose this to their debtors or have them pay into separate bank accounts.

XYZ Pty Ltd is Happy!

Business can continue to grow and this hybrid solution will grow with them.

Traditional Debtor Funding Case Study


ABC Pty Ltd is a successful business supplying Shelving & Mobile storage bins to large corporations, who pay average terms of 45 days.  The Business is growing, however, he has just won a new contract.  He needs to buy additional stock and still keep up with wages and general expenses, before he is going to get paid.


ABC Pty Ltd was approved for a $1m debtor funding facility and combination $250k Trade/ Line of Credit.  He receives 80% of the invoice value upfront and the balance, less fees and charges, once his customer pays the invoice.  He can also opt to use the Line of Credit to purchase stock and pay over 4 months.

ABC Pty Ltd is Happy!

The profit generated by the additional business more than offsets the cost and has taken his company to the next level. 


Do I have to pay fees on my whole Debtor book?

Do I have to pay fees on my whole Debtor book? 

No – the newer type of facilities now offer you the choice of which invoices you fund.  Fees are charged on the amount drawn and not the debtor book.

What if I only have one Debtor?

What if I only have one Debtor?   

Concentration limits are now quite flexible as well. 

Isn’t Debtor funding expensive?

Isn’t Debtor funding expensive?

No not any more.  Many facilities now only charge you on Debtors funded.  They are quite flexible and can be used alongside traditional trade type facilities.  Interest rates are really good and many of the large monthly fees are now gone.

My business is only new – does that matter?

My business is only new – does that matter?

Debtor Funding focuses on your Debtors.  For this reason it doesn’t always matter how long you have been trading for.  Rate is normally determined by type of Debtors you have, type of business/industry you are in and your level of turnover/facility size needed.

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