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Import Finance has come a long way and there are some very competitive facilities on the market. 

These facilities are designed to smooth out cashflow by enabling your business to pay for stock, or other costs of production, over a short-term period while sales are being made.  

Some facilities even offer interest-only terms for Importers and rates are very competitive. They can be used for one-off or ongoing purchase of stock or assets and can also provide a deposit for purchase of equipment where traditional finance is used. This includes big-ticket items where there aren’t many lenders that will fund — especially unsecured. 

Pair it with Debtor Funding

Often, we are able to set up these facilities to run alongside your  Debtor Funding.  Some Lenders offer this as a package deal.  This works well as the Trade Facility helps you gear you up for production by purchasing stock or additional equipment after winning a new contract, and then Debtor Funding can be used once an invoice has been issued.  

How Trade Finance Can Benefit Your Business

Enhance Cashflow

Consistent cashflow by bridging payment gaps between suppliers and customers. 


Beneficial for small to medium sized businesses looking to expand into international markets.

Business Growth

Access to funds fuels expansion, new product lines, and market exploration without straining finances.

Supplier Relations

Timely payments strengthen supplier relationships, leading to favourable terms and discounts.

Tailored Solutions

Customisable import finance options adapt to business needs for financing, repayment, and instruments.

Stay Competitive

Stable cashflow supports competitive pricing, marketing, and quick response to market trends. 

In action…

See how Gary and Rob used our Import Finance services to support their business. 


Gary and Rob run a flooring shop and import their timber and accessories from China.  They have a turnover of $2m for the last FY.  They are looking to expand into Sydney and open another store there.  They have no other funding other than commercial vehicles so would be a good candidate for a larger facility.  They need stock fast to open the second store and complete orders.  Due to the increased need of containers of stock they do not have the cash flow to pay for this upfront.


Gary and Rob qualified for a $200k Trade facility based on their turnover.  They have used this to pay for the stock that is needed to set up Sydney store and will use it every few months until the sales are consistent. 


The benefit to Gary and Rob is that they are able to continue to expand the business.  They have pre-orders and can fill those without affecting their immediate cash flow.  By being able to pay the stock off over a shorter period, their cash flow will not be affected, and the interest is minimal. 


What do I need to provide for a Trade Facility?

You can get up to $250k by providing a bank link and information on your Debtors and Creditors. Turnover must be able to support repayments. 

What type of business is this suited to?

Any business that provides goods or services. You can be a small, medium, or large enterprise. 

What if i only export goods?

This facility can still be used to pay for the production costs. 

What is the maximum term?

Generally, the maximum term for trade finance is six months, with the majority operating over a three-to-four-month term. 

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