R&D Tax Incentive Advance

Stretch your project budget by 50% with an advance against you Research & Development Grant

Time is critical for all start-ups. R&D financing lets you access your R&D tax refund early, so you can reinvest and get your product to market faster.
Some or all of your exploration program or pilot plant construction could be eligible R&D Tax incentive grant and therefore qualify your company for a cash refund of 43.5c in every dollar spent. 

This cash refund provides amazing benefits, but the ATO can take up to 18 months from the first expenditure to get it to you.  We can solve this and advance your refund to you when you need it most…Now! 

This allows you to either reinvest your own money into further R&D sooner, but can also free up much needed cash flow. 

By utilising an advance on your R&D Claim you can Increase R&D spend by up to 50% or reduce capital outlay by up to 33%


How do i get an advance?

How do I get an advance?

We will liaise with your R&D Consultant or Accountant.  All that is required is an ATO Approval number to get the process started.

What interest rate do you pay?

What interest rate do you pay?

In most cases interest rate is 15% pa on funds advanced.

How often is the advance?

How often is the advance? 

You can do it monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly – whatever suits your need.

Do they take a charge over my business?

Do they take a charge over my business?

No just a first ranking charge over the R&D refund.

Example Case Study


ABC Pty Ltd is a new business with forward thinking technology in the building industry.  As with most new businesses cash is King and they were ready to gear up and take it to the market.


As they qualified for a R&D Grant, we spoke to them about receiving an advance on this amount.

ABC Pty Ltd is Happy!

ABC PL was happy as it was a quick and easy way to get cash in the door and avoid the distraction of having to raise capital at a critical time

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